Saturday, April 09, 2011


Don't know what make me come back here after stop blogging for 2 years i guess. Probably no one is going to read this, as this is just like writing an online diary hoping somebody can pay a little attention to my life.

Traveling - this will be my main excuse for not blogging. I had been all around Europe for the past 2 to 3 years. I enjoy traveling as a part of myself, however my piggy saving never success cause of that. Here it comes the boring part.

The countries list that I managed to land my foot on:
1. The Netherlands (Amsterdam where I can find coffee shop and see ladies in aquarium making money more than tulips, windmills or cheese making)
2. Belgium (Belgium where you hardly find people speak English, disappointing however cant denied the moulis frites (mussels and fries) is good with local beer)
3. France (Paris for fashion craze, Nice for a different picture of France)
4. Spain (Ibiza for party lover, Barcelona, Malaga)
5. Monaco (reminds me of Eddy wins 5 Euros in Monte Carlo casino!)
6. Italy (Venice where I love the most, Rome the city or eternity, Florence, Milan, Pisa)
7. Switzerland (Matterhorn is -18 degree C when I am up there, basically nothing is cheap in Swiss)
8. Iceland (beauty with the white and nature, love dipping in blue lagoon)
9. San Marino (oldest republic in the world, must eat Torta Tre Monti and amaretto)
10. Vatican City (Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel is greatly painted, remember to fetch some holy water back)
11. Portugal (for seafood lover just like me, beautiful beaches and squarish houses)
12. Germany (first in technology, even in small Bremen town. Systematic and well planned, organized. Should send your child there if technology minded)
13. Norway (transportation never as punctual as in Oslo. Tram and bus system are connected on the same road and on time)
14. Sweden (the capital of Scandinavian countries, you hardly find small building)
15. Poland (Wieliczka salt mine for salt-for-life)
16. Malta (the oldest neolitic temple in the world dated aprox. 5611 years ago)
17. Republic of Ireland (Guinness, Trinity College,St. Paddy's and Irish slang people)
18. Northern Ireland (Giant Coast Way is the best)
19. Wales (i still don't understand Welsh road sign, can't even read it out)
20. Scotland (greeneries, mountains and sheeps)
21. England (fat ladies from Liverpool, the dirty and busy lifestyle of London that can be observe on London tube)
22. Austria (Lots of Xmas market on December, lots of good food)
23. Slovakia (nothing much particular, an old town)
24. Thailand (island hopping, snorkeling) this is outside Europe of course
25. Dubai (boring city to me) Middle East
26. Egypt (mostly all places around Egypt including a week river Nile cruise)

The countries list that I am going to land my foot on:
1. Greece (Santorini where everyone dying to go, Kos if you wanna go for cos lettuce)
2. Turkey (if you hear about one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, The Mausoleum at Bodrum)
3. Estonia (still yet to do my study)
4. Finland (
still yet to do my study)
5. Latvia (
still yet to do my study)
6. Lithuania (still yet to do my study)

The countries list that I am planning to land my foot on:
1. Hungary
2. Czech Republic
3. Croatia
4. Singapore

Okay, I know this is not finish and I should not end the blog in the middle of writing but I am really so sleepy. Hopefully the next time I blog won't be 2 years later. Please remind me. Good night.

Monday, March 02, 2009

HeLLOooo... Welcome to Year 2009

I was suppose to construct my interview questions for my research but I ended up here. The reason that brings me back here is Carol. I was checking my gmail and suddenly end up to see her mail that she sent since ages... (that authorize me to view her xoxo blog). When I start reading, I can't stop laughing coz she really good in writing online diaries. She is just sooo sooo funny! What a 'sam-pat' friend I got.

Time to talk about myself. I completed 10,028 words today for my dissertation. 50% done but hopefully Ms. Gwenda nod her head say 'Yes, good job. Please proceed on'. By then I can make my parents and I proud so I can graduate by Jul 24th. If she says the other way round, I shall jump off from my bedroom's window.

A bit of everything so now I shall talk about home. I miss my family and fellow friends. I miss Penang, but when I am there the others was like busy focusing on individual work. I am just counting lalat at home.. and guess what my sis just MSN me told me she passed all her papers! I am sooo proud of her! Kebanggaan seluruh dunia! Another national day celebration!

Well, I din know what to continue right now. Brb. probably nest year? :P

Monday, October 06, 2008

Pictures picked from down south (London & Cardiff) during summer break 2008

Dated: 13 - 18 Aug 08

Pictures time.....

25 September 08 (YoI Nite)

News Update!

Fellow friends, I am back once again after disappearing for ages. Just to say tomorrow I will be leaving Liverpool for Dublin, and yet I do not feel any excitement yet. Probably due to I am still carrying lots of workloads on my shoulder from university and workplace, but yet I am reducing all this nonsense bit by bit.

Meanwhile, I am still stuck at Facebook for no any good reasons and also chatting with TS (the famous guy that 24/7 on the internet)! I hope this is the best description about you. We were chatting some nonsense till he thinks I am crazy!

I am getting home for CNY soon. Nothing can stop me for going home next Chinese New Year, not even delay flights or cancellation, I will swim back home (even I still don't know to swim, but I will use the tyre tubing stuff). I really miss home alot, can you imagine I am away for more than 2 years! Poor me...

I do think of posting some updated picture here, but as I remembered, Firefox does not allow me to do so, I aren't sure why and I do not have IE on my laptop. Therefore, to encourage all boys and girls, for picture update, please visit my facebook. I repeat: Facebook, not Friendster anymore.

Signing off for now... Adios!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Finally, I am back!

After missing in action for more than a year, I am back now! I am so lazy to update my blog as I nearly forget I got a blog. (skip all crap).

What I wanna share is I am going to travel again! Oct 7 & 8 to Dublin, Ireland, Oct 14 & 15 to Belfast, Ireland, Nov 4 to Dublin again for a day trip and Nov 13 a long journey from Liverpool to London, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy and finally back to Liverpool on Dec 1. Hope this is gonna be an interesting and memorable trip. These plan is all confirmed as all flight tickets are fully paid. These plans were made on the eleventh hour when we realized how generous Ryanair giving our free air tickets! So is a must to grab (Malaysian attitude! Free things must take). I am happy ans excited that this year I am gonna celebrate my twenty-something birthday in one of the countries as mentioned above (not to disclosed own age, anyway still very very young) :P

I do have a plan on visiting Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal on this August. No further action is taken as no free flights available at that time. I got 2 weeks off starting 3 August so I will do something about it before it is too late.

Next January in 2009, I will definitely going back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year! (Gong Xi, Gong Xi) for 3 weeks. Those who is available at that moment, please do not forget to contact me at my same and unchanged Malaysia mobile number. (Hooray!!)

If you really miss me and do wanna know the latest update on me, please visit my Facebook for photos as it takes me ages if I wanna upload here. Please visit:
In the site consists of Amsterdam trip photos on last April 27 - 30. There is approx. 120 photos but as you know I am too lazy to upload the rest, so please bear with my laziness. (at least something than nothing)

Okay... after telling a long tales on my travelling stories, if you wanna know what is my current situation update, so here it goes. I completed my Postgrad Diploma level (if I pass my final module which results will release end of this month, and I assume I pass all). Left a final dissertation to be submitted by end of December 08 or May 09 so I can graduate by July 2009 with MBA.

I always wanna have a better job, working environment but I did not take any initiative to start for job hunting. Sometimes, I do not understand why am I so lazy and I think I am the laziest in the world!

Don't know what to say. So gonna end this now.

Take care, my friend!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

30 APRIL 2007 - SOUTHPORT!!!

3 hours trip to Southport town just to have a Pizza Hut meal! Silly us!

A sunny day at Southport, right infront of the Marineway Bridge

That's me on the Marineway Bridge!

Me and my colleague, Lee (she's on the phone again!!)

These are some photos that I took while walking to my workplace... beginning of April 2007

Nice flowers, my boss told my is so called Japanese flower Sakura wor... but I aren't very sure too.

Land of the yellowww flowers, took on the bus and that causes the reflection.


-paiseh... paiseh...-

Thursday, March 15, 2007

@ D@Y T0uR @t @lbert d0ck... 12 M@rch 2oo7

Does the above photo sounds like this:- Eddy asked "Which is the way to The Beatles Story?" I replied "This way please."

Same people at the same location at different time (March 2007 versus June 2005)

It's meee at The Beatles Story... and pic on Eddy and I at Tate, Merseyside.

International Business Management Presentation... 9 March 2007
8 of us from Class 2007 January Intake MBA Student

Sunday, March 04, 2007

BLOG UPDATE as of 5 MARCH 2007

Landed my foot on UK once again on 15 January 2007, 7.00pm (UK time). That was the moment where my student life begun, can't imagine what will be next whether is it a wrong decision to left the sitting lazily at office to a low profile "dunno where she came from" student (that's what other student uses to guess). The lowest temperature in Liverpool during Winter goes down to -4 degree C, and it does snow for a week. As for the highest temperature, I don't know, estimated during the day light is about 10 degree C.

Kensington is the area that I am staying, not a real safe area as feedback from friends. Heard that lots of robbery cases at night. The red bricks building is my house. I am staying at the 3rd floor, second window from your right is my room.
Yea...!!! The white fluffy thing is what the people use to call Snow. Stupidly me to wake up early in the morning just to play with the snow while snowing.

That is written by Eddy...

My CHINESE NEW YEAR celebration at UK

Wonder how I spend my Chinese New Year in Liverpool? This is what it looks like in Chinatown, Liverpool on the very first day of Chinese New Year, 18 February 2007.

The view from the main gate to the Chinatown, Liverpool. Pic of Connie and I during her part time work selling lion puppet at Chinatown. 10 Pound/puppet!

Photo with God of Fortune~! Cheers! Fire cracker blasting in a cage; monitored by the specialist.

Some photos on the Lion and Dragon dance on the street during the First Day of Chinese New Year Year 2007!

What a boresome Chinese New Year celebration for me, and today is already the 16th day after Chinese New Year. So everything is over! :~(

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Counting Down less than 10 hours to go...

Will be catching my flight from PG to KLIA at 8.20pm by MAS airlines. That's not the end yet. Catching another flight at 12.30am to Dubai, then to Manchester. Got a shock of my life just now when I nearly forgot where I place my air tics with passport. Sounds funny but this is the consequences of last minutes preparation....

Let me jotted down this few days memory before I forget:-
13 Jan - packing whole day long, dinner @Butterworth with Ed's dad, bro and granny.
12 Jan - packing too, Rushing for currency exchange Pounds & Dirhams... Shit the Pound Sterling had increase today. :( Rush to buy "bak kua" but too bad I can't even find a time to taste it. Last min passport photo shot... Dont know what else... too last minutes job. Last night went to Oriental KTV with Beng, Aaron, CW Lee, Heng, Cheah and Jolynn. Crazy us... we had 3 bottles of Henessy. Singing, dancing and drinking crazily in the room till 3.25am. Never thought everyone could sing so well, except me like dragging cow on the tree (Chinese proverb~ lai ngau sheong shue) Kekeke~!
11 Jan - Shopping, rushing to bank for bank draft, changing currency.....
10 Jan - my final working day, half day work. Lunch farewell organized by Beng at Shun Thai restaurant. 30 colleagues including me... Here the lists goes: Beng, Chong, Heng, Aaron, UP, Guat Li, Lai Kwan, Lai Yin, Azliena, Jens, Selina, Christine, Catt, Cat Chee, Ambi, Kasturi, Ainee, Ai Leng, Yim, Fong, Hong Keat, Siew, Racheal, Lin Wei and a few more that I also forget .. (Sorry!)

Don't know what else should say other than I will miss Penang this whole year long especially my close friend Yin, Chun Har, Terry.... (goes on), my ex-colleagues, local food and of course local festives...

Time to stop before I start to feel hard to let go Penang, but I will be back :P